Vertical Files

The Vertical Files are located in the Genealogy section of the Pell City Library and are compiled newspaper articles, personal papers, and pictures about various places, people, and events. Each vertical file is separated into these three general topics:

Places: includes any file pertaining to a place. Examples include “Cornett Hotel” or “St. Clair Cities – Springville”

People: includes any file pertaining to Family Genealogy. Examples include “How to Start Genealogy” and “Martin Family”

Events: includes any file pertaining to history of the area. Examples include “History of Pell City – 1800s” and “St. Clair Boundaries”

If you need any help with Genealogy or the Vertical Files please contact us.

If you don’t see your business, church, or family in the Vertical Files, it means we don’t have a file on it! We would greatly appreciate any donations to add to our collections!

If you choose to donate, we will be more than happy to make copies so that you may keep your original.

General Articles
Alabama Amblings – Birmingham News – Dec. 15, 1965
A Lifetime Love Affair with Flying
Stewart/ Alabama Supreme Court Case